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Best Restaurants in Calhoun, LA

Get ready to hit up the food scene in Calhoun! We’ve got the dish on the best restaurants in Calhoun, LA. From pizza to Mexican fare and Cajun in between- there’s something for everyone in this town! 

There’s nothing better than a night on the town with some good eats, right? Well, our team at Northeast Appliance Repair like to chow down with the best of ’em. Here’s our list of favorite Calhoun restaurants.

Top 4 Restaurants in Calhoun, LA

Iron Cactus

Don your sombrero for this Mexican feast! The Iron Cactus won’t disappoint you. We highly recommend the fajitas… drizzled in garlic butter with caramelized onions- delish!


best restaurants in calhoun
Image from Yelp


103 Cajun Restaurant

Authentic Cajun Creole is the name of the game at this hotspot. Bring the whole family because the food is fabulous, affordable, and no one goes home hungry! When you’re coming for Cajun, this is one of the best restaurants in Calhoun.


best calhoun cajun restaurants
Image from 103 Cajun


Johnny’s Pizza House

Johnny’s is a Louisiana icon. Featuring handcrafted specialty pizzas, flips (a new twist on a calzone), salads and other delicious foods, Johnny’s Pizza House is worth the trip. Looking for a fundraiser? Johnny’s is Raising Dough!


best pizza restaurants calhoun
Image from TripAdvisor


Huddle House

Good ol’ fashioned American food is never out of style. What could be better than bacon and sausage stuffed hashbrowns for breakfast? Touted at the favorite American-fare restaurants in Calhoun, their mouth-watering burgers and melts are the real deal. Paired with crispy fries and Pauline’s Sweet Tea and you’ve got it made!


american food restaurants calhoun
Image from Huddle House


There is no shortage of restaurants in Calhoun. You can eat your way clear across town! So take a drive and hit up these classic eateries to get your fill.

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