front load vs top load washer

Front Load vs Top Load Washer – What’s the Difference?

So what’s the big deal about a front load vs top load washer? A lot! Take a virtual journey with me to explore the difference between top loading and front loading washers to see what suits you best.

Figuring out the difference between top loading and front loading washers will shed some light on why people choose one vs another. We’ll give some details of the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

Front Load vs Top Load Washer

Let’s take a look at top load vs front load washers pros and cons.


A difference between top loading and front loading washing machines that is a consideration for many homeowners is the option to vertically stack their washer/dryer units or position them side-by-side to create a countertop. The front loaders gain an advantage here, as they are easily stacked. This saves precious space when the laundry room feels like the size of a closet for a garden gnome.

top load vs front load washers pros cons
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Power Consumption

The whole point of “high-efficiency” is to save energy and consumption. When looking at front load vs top load washers, both of HE models. However, front load washers are the most efficient of the two. Front load HE washers use less energy, less detergent, and much less water, overall saving you money on supplies as well as your utility bill.

Wash Speed

One of the disadvantages of front loading washing machines is the wash speed. The high-efficiency process of using less water and less detergent also means the wash cycle needs a little bit longer to thoroughly clean the laundry and extract the water to prepare for drying. Running a full load of clothes in the front loading washer typically takes an hour or more. The payoff in front load vs top load washer, of course, outweighs this disadvantage for most people.

Cleaning Performance

And the debate gets heating when focusing on front load vs top load washers in regard to clean. Some folks believe clothes get cleaner in more water. Not true. Top loaders are conveniently easy to load, but front loaders corner the market in clean and protecting fabrics from wear and tear.



The cost up front for front load washers is heftier than the top loaders, but the long term savings make it worth it. With a top load washer, your dollars grow wings every month with the usage costs! A front load washer will save you monthly and annually in expenses, justifying the upfront expenditure.

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