Do you notice your refrigerator not staying as cold as it used to? Does it seem to run all the time? It could be due for GE refrigerator coil cleaning to get it back to peak performance. Maintaining your refrigerator is your first defense against major repairs.

Making sure you have clean refrigerator coils is an easy but critical maintenance step that helps your refrigerator operate efficiently and maintain consistent temperatures.

GE Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Guide

We take the guesswork out of how to clean refrigerator coils by providing step-by-step instructions to clean condenser coils.

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Step #1: Unplug Unit & Locate Condenser Coils

First things first: Put a face mask on to prevent breathing in nasty dirt and dust. Moving forward, unplug your appliance as a safety precaution when it’s time for GE refrigerator coil cleaning or whenever providing any kind of maintenance service.

Locate the condenser coils- these have a snake-like pattern and are usually underneath or behind your GE refrigerator. Sometimes the coils are located under a grille panel on top of the refrigerator.

If you have a toe guard at the front of your refrigerator, remove it (it pops off pretty easily) to gain better access for cleaning the coils.

clean refrigerator coils

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Step #2: Vacuum

Do a quick cursory vacuum to clean things up a bit to see what you’re working with.

Step #3: Utilize Appliance Brush

A long refrigerator coil cleaning brush is a lifesaver when working on GE refrigerator coil cleaning. Use the brush to scrape off dust and debris from the condenser coils.

refrigerator coil cleaning brush

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Step #4: Vacuum

The final step is GE refrigerator coil cleaning is simply to vacuum any and all debris from the coils and around the refrigerator. If you still see dust bunnies hanging on for dear life, repeat steps two and three.

When it’s all nice and clean, go ahead and plug the unit back in and return the fridge to its rightful place. Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach peak performance again.

Maintaining clean condenser coils may be the most beneficial refrigerator maintenance tips you’ll ever receive. However, if you need service beyond basic maintenance or are searching for refrigerator repair, schedule an appointment with one of our technicians at Northeast Appliance Service today!