It can be frustrating if you have an appliance that doesn’t run efficiently. Should a refrigerator run all the time? Probably not. Luckily, there are tips and tricks out there to help you troubleshoot if your GE refrigerator runs constantly.

Internal Temperature Is Too High

One reason why your GE refrigerator runs constantly could be because the internal temperature is set too high and not to the manufacturer’s standards. Refrigerators need to be set at a specific range, typically anywhere between 0°-5° F for freezers and between 35°-38° F for fridges.

If your refrigerator temperature is set too high, it will work harder to cool down, therefore, causing it to run faster and more often.

Refrigerator Too Full or Too Empty

Sometimes if you find your GE refrigerator making noise, it could also be too full or too empty. The majority of french-door or other side-by-side refrigerators have a cubic foot capacity. Try to organize your items how they would look at the grocery store, making sure to give them enough space for air to move between.

Also, keeping your freezer and refrigerator to a minimum of three-quarters full will help solve this problem.

ge refrigerator runs constantly

Photo Credit: Jen Schmidt

Condenser Coils Are Dirty

If a refrigerator’s coils are dirty, that could also be a cause when your GE refrigerator runs constantly. Every fridge has condenser coils underneath the unit. If these coils are covered in dirt and other debris, the heat that dissipates from the refrigerator through the coils will have a hard time passing through. This will cause the fridge to work overtime in order to cool itself down. It’s very important to clean the coils at least twice a year.

Damaged Door Gaskets

Finally, damaged door gaskets can be the reason your GE refrigerator runs all the time. Damaged and leaky door seals, otherwise known as gaskets, not only cause long run times but will also create excess moisture, oftentimes seen on shelves and other areas of the freezer.

This happens when external air moves inside the freezer through the gasket opening. If you have to replace the door gaskets, find the right one meant for your GE model, and follow the manufacturer’s directions for replacing the old one. 

When your refrigerator runs all the time or runs too loud is frustrating. Follow these DIY troubleshooting tips and contact us if you need fast refrigerator repair.