There is nothing quite as inviting as climbing into a warm, cozy bed at the end of the day. When your comforter is needing a wash, you don’t want to sacrifice its fluffiness in order to get it clean. Here is how to wash a comforter and keep it fluffy and refreshing.

Here’s How to Wash a Comforter Correctly

Check the Care Tag

The first thing to do if you want to know how to wash a comforter without it getting lumpy is to check the label for manufacture instructions. The care tag will tell you what cycle, water temperature, and drying temperature are recommended for your particular comforter. It will also alert you if the comforter is supposed to be dry cleaned, in which case leave it to the professionals. In preparing to wash heavy bedding, you also should check to make sure your comforter fits inside your washer with plenty of room. If you have a large front-loading washer, it can probably handle it.

wash heavy bedding

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Choose the Correct Wash Settings

Now that you know how to wash a comforter according to the care tag, follow those instructions to correctly assign the settings on your washer. Some comforters may need a delicate cycle and cold water. If your comforter can handle it, warm to hot water is best for killing dust mites, bacteria, and germs on and inside your comforter. Wash in the warmest water your particular comforter can be for optimal clean.

Use a Gentle Detergent

All-natural laundry detergents with enzymes are the best option for washing comforters. Natural detergents are gentle enough for even down comforters. Also, do not use liquid fabric softener when washing down comforters as it will damage the down and make it lose its fluffiness.

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Dry Thoroughly

The key to knowing how to wash a comforter includes how you dry it. Dry your comforter thoroughly. This step is critical to keeping it fresh and prevent musty smells from creeping in. When the weather is fair, dry your comforter outside for added freshness.

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