what are open box appliances

What Does Open Box Appliances Mean?

These days, who isn’t looking to score a deal on a new appliance? While there are numerous ways to pay less with sales and used options, deal hunters often wonder, “What does open box appliances mean?” Open box appliances are new models with minor cosmetic defects which therefore cannot be sold as new.

Here’s What to Know When Buying Open Box.

There are many benefits of buying open box appliances. We’ll give you the 411 on what does open box appliances mean so you can make an informed decision.

What are Open Box Appliances?

It’s important to know exactly what are open box appliances and what they are not before making a purchase. Does open box mean used? No, an open box appliance is not used nor is it refurbished. Here are some examples of what an open box appliance can be:

  • A floor display in an appliance store
  • An appliance with a superficial defect like a scratch or dent
  • A returned appliance from another customer

These factors mean that an appliance can’t be sold as new, though they don’t affect its functionality in any way. Open box appliance options comprise everything from refrigerators to washing machines. Meanwhile, there are some great perks that come with this type of purchase:

  • A discounted price
  • A name brand or high-end appliance for less money
  • In many cases, all the warranty coverage of a brand new appliance

what does open box appliances mean

What to Look for in Open Box Appliances

When considering what does open box appliances mean, it often means you’ll have to ask some questions and do some inspecting to know what you’re getting. We suggest taking the following precautions before buying an open box appliance:

  • Confirm that the appliance still has a full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inspect the appliance to make sure it’s clean
  • Make sure any cosmetic damage is minimal

Who Sells Open Box Appliances?

Major retailers and smaller appliance companies often offer open box appliances at an outlet location or right on the showroom floor.

Northeast Appliance Sales is proud to offer a wide variety of open box appliance sales in West Monroe, LA. We have a range of appliances to choose from as well as numerous name brands. Now that you know what does open box appliances mean, stop by our showroom for some great savings!

Wondering, “Where are open box appliances near me?” Get directions to our appliance showroom!

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