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Why is My GE Dishwasher Not Draining? Troubleshoot These 3 Common Causes

It’s hard to know where to start when asking, “Why is there standing water in my dishwasher after a wash cycle?” Though it may be clear the dishwasher isn’t draining, finding the reason is less certain. These common causes for a GE dishwasher not draining specify how clogs or the wrong detergent could be responsible.

GE Dishwasher Not Draining? This Could Be Why

Clogs in the dishwasher or disposal or using the wrong detergent are common causes when a dishwasher won’t drain. We’ll detail how they lead to a GE dishwasher not draining and how to solve the problem.

Is Your Dishwasher Clogged?

There are certain components of your dishwasher that are prone to clogging. The dishwasher’s filter screens out food particles before they reach the drain, but can clog when not cleaned regularly. The drain can also become clogged if large food particles accumulate there over time. Lastly, kinks in the drain hose can cause clogs to develop. At this point you’ll find your GE dishwasher not draining after cycle ends.

Here’s how to clean GE dishwasher filter and drain clogs and fix drain hose kinks to resolve blockages:

  • Filter: Remove both the Fine and Ultra Fine filters and rinse separately under warm soapy water. Gently scrub stubborn particles with a sponge before replacing.
  • Drain: Inspect the drain area for wrappers or large food particles that may be blocking the drain. Clear away any large pieces of food from the base of the dishwasher tub.
  • Drain hose: Check the hose for any noticeable kinks, carefully straightening the hose if necessary. Make sure hoses are relatively new and in good condition for optimal function.
GE dishwasher not draining
Image Credit: GE Appliances

Is Your Garbage Disposal Clogged?

If you have a garbage disposal it’s likely that your disposal and dishwasher share the same drain. Consequently, if you run the dishwasher when your disposal is full of food remnants water won’t be able to enter the drain. This water then backs up into the dishwasher.

We recommend running the disposal before starting your dishwasher’s wash cycle. This will rid the drain of any accumulated food that could prohibit water from draining appropriately.

Are You Using the Correct Detergent?

Using incorrect detergent is another common cause for a GE dishwasher not draining. It’s recommended that you only use detergent specifically made for dishwashers whether it’s a liquid, powder, or pod. Using dish soap or anything other than dishwasher detergent could lead to an excess of suds that clogs the dishwasher.

If your GE dishwasher not draining still has you stumped after these troubleshooting tips, call Northeast Appliance Repair. We’ll help resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

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