When you find your Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold it can be puzzling that one component works but not the other. But this is one of those common refrigerator problems that has specific answers when you know where to look. We’ll help troubleshoot when the fridge is warm freezer is cold from frozen evaporator coils to a faulty damper control.

Troubleshooting When You Find Your Samsung Refrigerator Warm but Freezer Cold

What would cause a Samsung refrigerator to stop getting cold? There can seem like infinite possibilities but we’ll narrow down the most common parts failures to lead to a quick repair.

Evaporator Coils Frosted Over

A refrigerator’s evaporator coils help process refrigerant, making cool air for the refrigerator. In this process, the evaporator can collect condensation that freezes on the cold coils. Typically, the refrigerator’s defrost system melts away any frost that collects. However, if the defrost system is malfunctioning, the evaporator coils will frost over, leaving your Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold.

To diagnose the problem locate the evaporator coils in the back of your freezer. If the coils are frosted over, it’s likely that the defrost system is faulty. We recommend a professional assessment to test each part of the system.

Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold

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Evaporator Fan Motor Not Working

Another cause when your Samsung freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm could be a malfunctioning evaporator fan motor. This motor is what pushes cold air over the evaporator coils and circulates it around the freezer.

When the evaporator fan motor malfunctions, either the refrigerator or freezer can become too warm. You may also notice that the motor is noisier than usual. The fan motor is located in the freezer in a covered compartment. To test the fan motor, remove the cover and turn the fan blades by hand. If they’re difficult to turn, the fan motor likely requires replacement.

Damper Control Assembly Not Opening

The damper control assembly can also be responsible when you find your Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold. This mechanism opens and closes to let the necessary amount of cold air into the refrigerator’s interior.

If the damper control assembly doesn’t open properly, cool air won’t enter the refrigerator and you’ll feel your Samsung fridge not cooling. Typically, the damper control is located behind the refrigerator’s back panel near the top of the fridge. Check the damper control to determine if it’s stuck in the closed position. If so, it needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting when you have a Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold is easier when you know where to start. If pinpointing the problem leads to a refrigerator repair, Northeast Appliance Sales and Service can help. Call us today to tackle any repair!