LG Electronics 27 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

This LG 4-door french door refrigerator in printproof stainless steel includes an internal water dispenser.

Model Number: LMWS27626S/02


Your wish for more space to get organized has been fulfilled with the availability of 27 cubic feet of storage. The double freezer drawers offer ultimate organization, preventing frozen food avalanches and providing ample space for everything from popsicles to family-size turkeys. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of an internal water dispenser for a sleek exterior design and Door Cooling+ technology that helps to preserve your extra food’s freshness for longer.

  • This LG French Door refrigerator boasts an extensive 27 cubic feet of space, providing ample room to stock up and store everything you need. With such a cavernous interior, you can easily organize your family’s favorite foods for easy access and convenience.
  • This refrigerator comes equipped with two distinct freezer drawers, offering organized and effortless access to the items you use frequently. The lower space is abundant and perfect for storing the items you require less often.
  • LG’s PrintProof finish is the perfect solution for those who appreciate the aesthetic of stainless steel but do not want the hassle of special cleaners or constant upkeep. With its fingerprint and smudge-resistant properties, the finish is easy to maintain and can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Enjoy a distinctive kitchen that effortlessly handles real-life situations in style.
  • LG offers more than just fresh food storage. With a dedicated fan that pushes clean, fresh air into the fridge, the 1-layer Fresh Air Filter is a unique feature that sets LG apart from the competition. Enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher air that helps maintain your food’s freshness for longer periods.
  • With the internal water dispenser, accessing fresh, filtered water has always been challenging. Whether you need to fill a cup, a pitcher, or a small pot, this dispenser offers convenient access to clean, cold water.
  • Experience the taste of freshness with LG’s new pharmaceutical water filter. This filter is NSF certified to reduce more contaminants than LG’s previous filters, ensuring your water is pure and fresh. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your water is filtered to the highest standards.
  • LG’s Door Cooling + vent is situated at the top of the fresh food section, extending the reach of the Smart Cooling system. The vent releases blasts of cool air, ensuring that all areas of the refrigerator, including the door, benefit from consistent temperatures. This feature helps to maintain the freshness and flavor of all foods and can even extend the freshness of produce for up to twice as long.
  • The Smart Cooling system is purposefully designed to sustain optimal conditions within the refrigerator. The Linear Compressor promptly responds to temperature changes, ensuring that your food stays fresh for longer periods. In addition, strategically-placed vents in every section work to circulate cool air, enveloping your food with freshness regardless of where it is stored.
  • This refrigerator boasts contoured doors, hidden hinges, and many exceptional interior features that lend both sophistication and functionality to its design. However, its beauty is not limited to the exterior, and every feature has been thoughtfully designed to help you create the sophisticated and distinctive kitchen that you deserve.
  • This refrigerator has two crisper drawers that offer effortless access to your fruits, vegetables, and beverages. Additionally, it features a full-width Glide N’ Serve pantry drawer, which provides ample space for all the food you want to keep fresh. With the SmartDiagnosis feature, the service center can diagnose problems over the phone, allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting.
  • Purchasing a refrigerator can be a significant investment; the last thing you want to worry about is its longevity. With the Linear Compressor motor, which utilizes fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG offers a 10-year limited warranty with confidence. Furthermore, this refrigerator is ENERGY STAR certified, helping you conserve energy and save money.

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